About me

TL;DR: I'm a math savvy software engineer passionate about productivity and learning. My other interests include skiing, playing the ukulele and consuming lots of coffee.

Hey there! My names is Artem. Formally my background is in math and computer science, but frankly speaking I consider myself more as a mathematician rather than a hardcore CS guy. I specialize on the branch of applied math called Operations Research, which mostly deals with decision making and multi-criteria optimization.

The topic of my postgraduate work is called “Repeated games with asymmetric information”. In short it's about repeated interactions between agents and proper handling of “he knows that I know that he knows…” situations. In essence it's measure probability theory and convex optimization mixed into game theoretic framework. If you think this sounds pretty fascinating you're definitely right.

My other passion is programming. A couple years ago I moved from Ruby-town to the land of Scala and is happy ever since; perhaps partly because Scala allows me to put into work my math oriented brain cells.

And last, but not least, I have to admit that I'm kinda obsessed with productivity. Usually when people hear “productivity” they think about different techniques allowing one to get more stuff done. And, yes, this is usually the first step. But I dare to think that I'm currently at step 1.5 which is about principles, values and dissecting essential from non-essential.