TL;DR: I’m a math savvy software engineer passionate about productivity and learning. My other interests include skiing, playing the ukulele and coffee.

Hey there! My names is Artem. My educational background is in math and computer science, with a specialization on a branch of applied mathematics called Operations Research, which is mostly about decision making and multi-criteria optimization.

My postgraduate work was dedicated to studying “Repeated Games with Asymmetric Information”. In other words, it was about repeated interactions between agents, where each agent has certain beliefs about what his opponent knows and then does Bayesian inference based on opponents’s actions. In essence, it’s probability theory and convex optimization mixed into game theoretic framework.

My other passion is programming and, in particular, functional programming. Monoids and Groups, Functors and Monads — I enjoy this all. And particularly enjoy building software that is correct by construction (at least to some extent). I also don’t shy away from low-level stuff when need to, especially when it comes to concurrency and performance benchmarking.

During my professional career, I’ve been doing Ruby, some Java, Scala, some Python, and a bit of Haskell. I’ve worked on regular business software projects, but also did data science and data engineering.

I have experience working as an individual contributor and also as a technical leader.